In the world of utility markers, the TriView is the alpha male. Our patented design provides both excellent visibility & durability, making it the premium choice for protecting buried assets. 

The triangular profile combined with the internal Flex PLUS™ rod makes the TriView the most durable marker post on the market.  In areas where livestock, wildlife, or vehicles are likely to impact signage, the TriView will rebound to its upright position where other posts fail.

An inside look of the rod at work.

Our proprietary blend of thermoplastics.

From Siberia to the Sahara, the post rebounds the same.

It’s not that complicated.  

Three sides are better than two.  One TriView marker post can do the job of two flat markers – for the price of one. 

When the number one goal of your marker post is to increase public awareness of a buried utility, use the one that can be seen from every direction.   

12 available post colors,  8 available cap colors, and two-tone options = math that is above our pay grade.