Signaltape provides a visual warning by ensuring tape is brought to the surface, alerting the operator to the presence of a buried utility.

Available in 6″ or 12″ width.

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Product Details

Our signaltape:

  • Meets American Public Works Association (APWA) color standards for underground utilities, and meets or exceeds all applicable ASTM standards. (Blue, Green, Orange, Red, yellow)
  • Includes a 3,000-lb. tensile strength aramid fiber membrane, which ensures the tape is pulled to the surface to alert the excavation crew.
  • Includes two sizes: 12″ x 500′ or 6″ x 500′.
  • May be customized (refer to label) using other substrates to accommodate RFID or other locating systems by request.
  • Signaltape will perform as intended at a minimum length of 20ft.

Available in two varieties: Professional Grade and XT with Kevlar. Adding an optional copper Litz wire laminated between layers of Signaltape film makes it traceable.

  • It is recommended that Signaltape be buried 12″ below grade.
  • The minimum distance from the top of the pipeline should be 12″, with 24″ – 36″ recommended (as shown below).
  • Each run of Signaltape must be overlapped by a minimum of 30′ or may be joined as described below.
  • Each section of Signaltape should be joined for repair or installation by tying the aramid fiber membrane together using a double-fisherman knot.