Pavement Decals

Rhino Pavement Decals are longer-term, temporary markers designed for use on concrete and asphalt and have a skid-resistant surface. Brightly colored. Easy to install.

Product Details

Brightly colored pavement decals are used to mark utilities, pipelines, storm drains and roads. They easily install in seconds with no adhesive required. They can be applied directly to asphalt or concrete streets, sidewalks or pathways. Just brush, peel, and stick. The pavement decals easily conform to hard surfaces.


Assorted background and print colors available. There is no limit on print colors. Call for details.

Custom Legends

Any legend can be printed on the Rhino Pavement Decals. The minimum letter size is 3/8″ due to the skid resistant surface.

Sizes and Shapes

Assorted sizes and shapes available. Find custom size pricing here.

Number of Colors

One, Two

Standard Sizes

8" Round, 12" Round, 4" x 8" Rectangle, 4" x 12" Rectangle, 6" x 8" Rectangle, 8" x 12" Rectangle, 4" x 8" Oval, 4" x 12" Oval, 6" x 8" Oval, 8" x 12" Oval