TriView Test Station Retrofit Kit

Convert your Rhino TriView into a Test Station with the Test Station Retrofit Kit. Just remove the existing TriView cap and install the Test Station Insert with its color coded top and cap. Once the insert and new top are installed, use a screw to secure the insert in the TriView and use the optional cap lock to secure the new top.

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Product Details

The Test Station Retrofit tops and caps are available in all our standard color combinations: Yellow, Blue, White, Black, Red, Orange, Green, and Purple. Using different colored tops or caps is a great way to identify your test stations or to determine which posts have already been retrofitted from regular TriViews into Test Stations.

Test Station Retrofits are available with our Rhino LocatePlate or with standard terminals.

Temperature and Ultraviolet Light Stable

The Rhino TriView was specifically designed as an outdoor marker for buried cables and pipelines. This versatile post has ultraviolet light stabilizers that will keep the bright color of the post from fading in the sun. The Rhino TriView is also temperature stable from -40 degrees Fahrenheit to +150 degrees.

Optional: Grounded LocatePlate and Cap Lock

The Grounded LocatePlate is mounted to the terminal board. It is completely shunted with a copper ground, eliminating confusion and easing installation. The Grounded LocatePlate is RUS listed.