Buried Warning Tape

Buried warning tape gives you one last chance to let an excavator know they are too close to your cable or pipeline. Warning tape notifies excavators who have not called for a locate as well as excavators hand digging near the pipeline/cable. Homeowners often do not call before they dig so warning tape can be especially effective in residential areas. An investment of a few pennies per foot potentially can save you thousands of dollars.

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Product Details

A Style to Meet Your Needs

Non-Detectable: 400 M (4 Mil) heavy metal-free polyethylene tape with a solid background and one-color imprint. 7 Mil tape optional. Special order only.
500 M (5 Mil) polyethylene tape with an aluminum foil core, solid background and one-color imprint.


Non-Detectable: 4 Mil is available in 3” and 6” widths.
5 Mil is available in 2”, 3” or 6” widths.


Standard length is 1000’ rolls. Custom lengths are available and subject to a minimum number of rolls and 20% over/under runs.