Aerial Cable Marker

The Rhino Aerial Cable Marker provides easy identification of your cables during maintenance or emergencies. The easy wraparound design eliminates the need for special tools and adhesives. Using decals on the 1 3/4″ extension will distinguish your cable from other aerial utility lines.

Product Details

Product Integrity

Composed of UV stable polyethylene that helps prevent the marker from fading or deteriorating in extreme weather conditions for one year.


Standard color is orange. Other colors available, call for details.


The cable markers will fit up to 1″ diameter cables. The size of the marker is 1 3/4″ x 8″.


Using decals on your aerial markers allow for message customization. Our standard colorfast decals use sharply contrasting colors to allow your message to be highly visible and seen. Each decal is 1½” x 7 3/4″, and can be added to your marker for higher visibility.