Rhino TriView™ Extension

TriView Extensions are effective for marking farm taps, pedestals, valves, and other above ground facilities where high vegetation make them susceptible to being struck. Decals and Reflective Bands are optional.


Product Details

In many areas markers over 8 feet in length are needed. Tall corn and other vegetation can obscure the visibility of these markers and make them ineffective. The Rhino TriView can be made into any length, but shipping posts over 90” long can be cost prohibitive. Installing 9 foot plus tall markers can be a formidable challenge and getting the posts to the site is also difficult.

The TriView Extension allows for standard shipping rates, easy installation, and superior visibility.

See: Quality Standards: Rhino TriView UV Resistance COMTEC Testing

TriView US Patents # 7,025,016 B1, # 6,099,203, # D525721

Slide part A over a u-channel or other post and fasten at the bottom. Then fit part B on top and fasten in the middle.