The Rhino TriView® Marker post is the premiere utility marker in the industry.  It is highly visible, impact resistant, and can be seen from every direction.

Decals sold separately 


Product Details

The TriView Post is: 

  • Triangular post with colored cap
  • 360-degree visibility
  • Temperature Stable/UV Stable
  • Made with our proprietary blend of thermoplastics, RhinoPoly
  • includes the Flex PLUS™ Rod inserted within, making it the most durable marker post available.
  • Customizable:
    • Post Colors: White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue, Purple, Green, Brown, Lime
    • Cap Colors: Black, Red, Yellow, Orange, White
    • Lengths: 22”, 48”, 54”, 66” 72”, 78”, 84”, 90”

Customers use this for:

  • The standard TriView is the premium marker post. It is Rhino’s magnum opus.
  • Best marker for creating public awareness of buried facilities and prompting excavators to call for a locate.


The TriView’s patented triangular shape allows for 36o° visibility, as well as 50% more warning messages than a flat post.  Click here to see how the TriView® is made. 


Patented design, the Flex Plus Rod™ inserted within, and RhinoPoly® construction allow it to bend and rebound when struck from any direction at speeds up to 55 mph. Click here to watch our impact video. 


With its all-terrain performance and multiple installation options, the TriView  can be used in multiple soil conditions, from hardpan and rocky soil to sand or clay.


Performs in temperatures ranging from -40 to +150℉, as well as UV stabilization that designed for 10+ years of outdoor use with our 10-year warranty.


Using the TriView as a test station, VentGuard, and for tracer wire allows a consistent look and safety message for your buried utility.

See: Quality Standards Rhino TriView UV Resistance COMTEC Testing

TriView US Patents # 7,025,016 B1, # 6,099,203, # D525721

Weight.75-2.4 lbs

22", 48", 54", 60", 66", 72", 78", 84", 90"

Post Color

White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue, Purple, Green, Brown, Lime

Cap Color

Black, Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, White

Easy Installation
The TriView works in all soil conditions and may be buried, driven into the ground or slid over a metal or flat fiberglass post.


TriView Marker Installation Video: