Sprayon Heavy Duty Paint Remover

Krylon Sprayon™ Heavy Duty Paint Remover is a fast-acting remover that cuts through all paint finishes (air-dry or baked). It also removes urethanes, varnish and shellac. Its catalyst action penetrates through gasket cements, decals, sealants, adhesives, tape residue and carbon deposits.

Product Details


  • NSF reg. no. 115076; C3 rated
  • Makes removal of gasket cements, paints, sealants and adhesives easy
  • Effective on metal, wood, glass, concrete, stone, brick, ceramic tile and other hard surfaces
  • Removes hi-bake and air-dry paints, urethane finishes, varnish, shellac, decals
  • Leaves surface clean, ready for repainting or installing new gasket

Recommended Uses: Removes paint, carbon, varnish, graffiti, shellac, decals, epoxy, lacquer, labels and enamels.