TriView Ultimate Locate Post

The Rhino TriView’s highly visible triangular design ensures that excavators, mower operators and others will be able to see your warning message from any direction protecting your pipeline as well as providing easy access to terminals by your technicians or contract locators. The Rhino TriView is durable and flexible, reducing the likelihood of damage in the event that the marker is impacted by a vehicle.


Product Details

The Ultimate Locate Post is a TriView Test Station with a Grounded LocatePlate connected to the internal insert and one external lug. There is a 1/4″ thick aluminum plate, 2″ wide and 18″ long, riveted in two spots to the bottom of the back side of the post (same side as external lug). At the bottom of this plate is the same copper ground lug that is on the Grounded LocatePlate. A grounding wire will run from this copper ground lug attached to the aluminum plate up through the post to the copper ground lug attached to the Grounded LocatePlate.

Temperature and Ultraviolet Light Stable

The Rhino TriView was specifically designed as an outdoor marker for buried cables and pipelines. This versatile post has ultraviolet light stabilizers that will keep the bright color of the post from fading in the sun. The Rhino TriView is also temperature stable from -30 degrees Fahrenheit to +150 degrees.

Grounded LocatePlate

The Grounded LocatePlate is mounted to the terminal board. It is completely shunted with a copper ground, eliminating confusion and easing installation. The Grounded LocatePlate is RUS listed.


We can provide the Ultimate Locate Post with corrosion resistant polyethylene wire to meet your specifications.

TriView US Patents # 7,025,016 B1, # 6,099,203, # D525721