RhinoDome™ Wrap

The RhinoDome™ Wrap is an easy and cost efficient alternative to replacing old or worn out dome posts. Instead of taking the time to pull old posts out of the ground and re-install new ones, simply use the RhinoDome Wrap to provide a more legible and clear warning message in a fraction of the time.

Product Details


The RhinoDome™ Wrap is comprised of flexible Lexan that is UV stable and extremely durable. The wrap has a thickness of 10 mil. Unlike metal wraps or decals, the RhinoDome™ Wrap will not scratch or peel. The wrap is equipped with all weather durability and will not significantly fade for at least 10 years. This simple and easy alternative to replacing old posts upgrades the appearance of the marker using minimal installation time.


The RhinoDome™ Wrap can be customized to meet your needs. Tailor your warning message and the color of your wrap to meet all of your specifications. Choose from our standard warning legends or let us create a specific warning message for you. The length of the wrap is also customizable. From short to long wraps, let us work to create the exact size and message you want.

Install the RhinoDome™ Wrap in a minute or less:

  • Take off paper backing covering adhesive on one side
  • Tightly wrap Lexan over desired area of dome
  • Remove paper backing from other side and tightly pull wrap together, sticking wrap to the post
  • Set 3 self-taping, weather resistant screws into dome for permanent application (screws not included)

RhinoDome™ Wrap Installation Video: