Rhino HideOut™

The Rhino HideOut is a 24″ below ground tracer station designed to be flush with the ground. The HideOut comes standard with two terminals and a lock.

Product Details

The HideOut comes with a metal plate that allows for an easy locate. It also comes with standard warning legends that come with a locking cap to keep the tracer wire safe from vandals. The HideOut also comes punched with the TriGrip™ anchor, allowing it to lock into the ground in varying soil conditions. Standard Legends are Natural Gas, Gas, Water, Sewer, Fiber Optic and Cable.


The Rhino HideOut is made of durable RhinoPoly™ that can withstand temperatures from -140° to +150° Fahrenheit. The 7″ round disc is a highly visible, low profile warning sign that is fade resistant, UV stable, impact resistant, and rugged. The Rhino HideOut is designed to be flush with the ground and will eliminate any interference with mowers.


The Rhino HideOut can be customized to meet your needs. The HideOut is available with an optional LocatePlate with stainless steel terminals or an Isolation Lever™. The HideOut comes with a locking cap to restrict vandals and other individuals from gaining access to the terminals. Standard colors are blue, green, yellow, or orange. The warning message on the top of the HideOut is also customizable to meet your specifications. Custom legends available with a minimum quantity purchase and with an additional art charge.

TriView US Patents # 7,025,016 B1, 6,099,203, D525,721 S, and US 2014/0216328 A1

Standard Legends

Gas, Natural Gas, Fiber Optic, Water, Sewer, Cable TV