Rhino HideOut™

The Rhino HideOut provides easy access to tracer wire where upright posts are not practical. The flush-mounted test station is ideal for areas where mowers are prevalent.  The telescoping terminal board is sweet.

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Product Details


  • 24″ total length
  • Telescoping terminal board with industry standard 11-hole pattern
  • Comes standard with two terminals
  • Locking lid
  • Metal plate makes the HideOut locatable
  • Hot-stamped graphics
  • Patented TriGrip Anchor™ for securing HideOut into ground


  • External Terminals or Terminator Plate
  • Additional Terminals
  • Grounded Locate Plate
  • Custom Hardware
  • Isolation Lever
  • Standard Legends: Natural Gas, Petroleum, Gas, Water, Sewer, Fiber Optic and Cable.
  • Custom legends available upon request.

TriView US Patents # 7,025,016 B1, 6,099,203, D525,721 S, and US 2014/0216328 A1

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