Hot Stamped 700 Series SoilMarkers™

The Rhino Hot Stamped SoilMarker is a 7” round disk with a 13” stake that has two barbs. Brightly colored, highly visible, low profile.

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Product Details

The Rhino Hot Stamped SoilMarker is:

  • Fade Resistant
  • Temperature Stable/UV Stable
  • Impact Resistant Polypropylene Disk
  • Reinforced Polypropylene Thermoplastic Stake
  • Rugged/flexible
  • Hot Stamped warning legend is molded into the disk

SoilMarkers go where posts won’t work. They eliminate homeowners’ complaints of marker posts on their property. These rugged disks can be walked on, mowed over and driven on. SoilMarkers quickly locate buried drops, stub ends, valves, handholes, manholes and test stations.

Locatable Option
Brass Terminals give you access to your tracer wire. Steel rings with a brass terminal allow the marker to be found via a locator. The steel rings are 3/16” thick and fill the back of the Soilmarker. Test Station Shunts can be used to bridge wires between terminals.

Warning Legends
Standard Warning Legends are available. See our Standard Warning Legend Document. Custom Warning Legends: You may have any legend you wish printed. Engraving charges apply. See the Artwork Requirements document. Minimum order: 50


Oil & Gas, Power, Telecom, Water & Sewer, Survey


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