Rhino UV Armor+ Surface Marker™


Rhino UV Armor+ Surface Marker™

Rhino UV Armor+ Surface Markers™ are durable surface markers that can be permanently attached to almost any surface! Using the same next-generation printing technology as our Rhino UV Armor signs allows us to offer them in unlimited colors at no extra charge.


  • Printed with UV stable inks on a rigid calendered vinyl and then given a polyurethane dome
  • Improved graphics using our next-generation printing technology
  • They can be printed on reflective or non-reflective substrates
  • Secured them on hard surfaces with our industrial adhesive
  • Unlimited colors – No extra charge

Common Surface Applications Include:
Curbs, Valve Boxes, Storm Drains, Road Crossings, Hand Holes, Bridge Crossings, Pipeline Crossings, Factory Walls

Product Details

Installation Kit:

  • Surface Markers
  • Adhesive
  • Caulking gun
  • Wire brush
  • Purple drawstring bag

BagBrushCaulk Gun

Installation Instructions starting @ 2:15 timestamp
Installation Instructions PDF

With our printing technology, there are endless possibilities for designing your surface marker.  Here are 29 examples you can choose from to receive a free sample!

RUVA+ Surface Marker Sample

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