RhinoDome Test Station

RhinoDome™ Test Station includes graphics that are hot-stamped directly into the post, ensuring the warning message will remain visible throughout the entire lifespan of the marker. It can withstand direct sunlight for a minimum of 10 years without significant fading or cracking.

Available Lengths: 48″ | 54″ | 60″| 66″ | 72″ | 78″ | 84″ | 90″ | 96″

Decals sold separately 

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Product Details


  • Made with our special blend of thermoplastics and UV stabilizers
  • Consists of a 19” dome topper, and removable cap
  • 3.5” outside diameter and includes a standard one-color hot-stamped graphic on two locations
  • Industry standard 11-hole terminal board
  • 360-degree visibility


  • Topper Colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, White
  • Alternative Topper Colors: Black, Pink
  • Custom Colors Available, call for details.
  • Standard Post Colors: White, Orange, Yellow
  • Custom Colors Available, call for details.
  • Standard Lengths: 48”, 54”, 60”, 66”, 72”, 78”, 84”, 90”
  • Custom Lengths Available

Temperature and UV Stable
The RhinoDome™ is UV stable and can withstand extreme temperatures. The RhinoDome is temperature stable from -40° Fahrenheit to +150° Fahrenheit.

RhinoDome Graphics are hot-stamped onto the marker, permanently fusing the warning message to the post.

Each test station comes with a friction fit cap that slides on and off the post. Optional locking caps are available to protect the terminal board from vandals.

Optional Test-Station Add-ons Available

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