Rhino UV Armor Signs


Rhino UV Armor Signs

All Rhino-made signs are protected with our patent pending coating Rhino UV Armor and come with a 10-year warranty. Rhino UV Armor gives them superior endurance against breaking, cracking or significant fading due to environmental effects. Unlimited colors and unlimited shapes with no extra charges. Whatever colors, shapes, or message you want for your signs, we can print it. Our signs can be printed on three different substrates (Aluminum Composite Material, Polyethylene, or Aluminum) so you can choose the one that best fits your need.


  • Unlimited Colors at no additional cost
  • Custom Shapes at no additional cost
  • Temperature Stable from -50° to +150°F
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Custom Legends
  • Signs can be single or double sided

Product Details

Available Substrates:
Different situations and environments call for different materials when producing your signs. We have several options to best fit your needs, each with a focus on durability.

  • Aluminum Composite Material (ACM):
    Two thinly slice sheets of aluminum thermo-bonded to a polyethylene core, these 3mm signs are twice as rigid as aluminum, weigh 50% less, and will nor warp over time when exposed to elements.
  • Polyethylene:
    Lightweight, environmentally friendly, gunshot resistant, and no scrap value.
  • Aluminum:
    Specifically designed for outdoor use, made from an aluminum alloy.

showing different substrates