RhinoPoly Signs

Produced with UV-stable thermoplastics and Rhino UV Armor, these brightly colored signs are specifically engineered for outdoor usage. They are non-toxic and environmentally safe.

Product Details

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Unlimited Colors, At No Extra Cost We can print elaborate, multicolor legends and company logos– without charging extra.

Custom Shapes, At No Extra Cost We use the same cutting mechanization as the likes of Bentley and Red Bull Racing, so we can cut custom shapes at lightning speeds.

Temperature Stable Our poly signs remain stable from -50° to +150°F.

10 Year Warranty Our poly signs will not become brittle or fade significantly for a minimum of 10 years.

Custom Legends Any legend can be printed on our Poly Signs. The signs may be single sided or double sided.

Gunshot Resistant Bullets pass cleanly through Poly Signs leaving them legible. Gunshots do not cause chipping or rusting, and unlike aluminum, polyethylene has no scrap value.


Unlimited colors, at no extra additional cost.


Any size or custom shape up to (not exceeding 4 x 8 ft.) at no additional cost.