RhinoDome™ Post

What makes our RhinoDome™ exceptional is its durability and 360-degree visibility.  The graphics are hot-stamped directly into the post, ensuring the warning message will remain visible throughout the entire lifespan of the marker.

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Product Details


  • The round design of the RhinoDome makes it visible from any direction
  • Made with our special blend of thermoplastics and UV stabilizers
  • Consists of a 21” dome topper
  • 5” outside diameter and includes a standard one-color hot-stamped graphic on two locations
  • 10” anchor tube


  • Topper Colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, White
  • Alternative Topper Colors: Black, Pink
  • Custom Colors Available, call for details.
  • Standard Post Colors: White, Orange, Yellow
  • Custom Colors Available, call for details.
  • Standard Lengths:  48”, 54”, 60”, 66”, 72”, 78”, 84”, 90”
  • Custom Lengths Available

Temperature and UV Stable
The RhinoDome™ is UV stable and can withstand extreme temperatures. The RhinoDome is temperature stable from -40° Fahrenheit to +150° Fahrenheit.

RhinoDome Graphics are hot-stamped onto the marker, permanently fusing the warning message to the post.

Post shall be installed via direct bury. Anchor bar is to be installed at the bottom of the post prior to burial. Hole must be at least 8″ in diameter and 18″ deep. Soil is to be compacted to complete installation.

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