Hybrid 3-Rail™ Fiberglass Post


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The Hybrid 3-Rail™ incorporates the best qualities of fiberglass and plastic. Specially designed reinforcing fibers are blended with UV stable plastic to create a flat post with the bright color of plastic and the impact resistance of the combined fiberglass and plastic. This hybrid post has no exposed fibers that can cause skin irritation or fiberbloom.

Product Integrity
The Hybrid 3-Rail™ design allows the post to bend over when hit, then snap back into its normal upright position. The Hybrid 3-Rail™ can be driven directly into most soils.

Fade Resistant
This special blend of materials provides maximum fade resistance. The Hybrid 3-Rail™ is guaranteed not to fade significantly or become brittle for a minimum of 10 years.

Temperature Stable
All Rhino products are batch tested in our own weatherometer. The Hybrid 3-Rail™ works extremely well in both cold and heat. The post will remain stable from -40°F to +175°F.

Additional information

Weight 51 lbs

66", 72"


White, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green, Red, Purple, Brown

The Hybrid 3-Rail can be driven into the most difficult soil conditions using the Hybrid Driver (RHD-44-A).