A-TAG – Retrofit – Surface Markers

A-TAG markers are brightly colored surface markers that can be embedded directly into concrete or asphalt.

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Product Details

A-TAG markers are embedded into concrete or asphalt. These brightly colored UV-stable polypropylene markers are slightly recessed, so even snowplows will not destroy them.


The warning message is molded into the A-tag pavement marker and the tag is UV-stabilized, it will not fade or become brittle and has a ten year warranty.

Speed up the Locating Process

As your locate crews find the cable/pipeline, A-TAG markers can be installed in addition to paint. Next time you have to locate in that area the locator will know right where to start, saving time and money.

Prevent Damage to Pipes and Cables

Permanent color coded markers imbedded into the concrete or asphalt encourage people to call before digging in the area.

Patch Identification

A-TAGs can be installed in street and sidewalk patches permanently, identifying the company doing the work.

Identify Buried Valves, Splices, Etc.

A-TAG markers are simply a sign which is imbedded in the concrete or asphalt. You can mark anything from a gas valve to a buried splice, the only limit is your imagination.