Water Decal

Rhino All-weather vinyl decals are fade resistant and designed specifically for outdoor environments. Each decal is manufactured for your specific application to ensure a long useful life. PROVEN PERFORMANCE Over 2 million decals are in use from Alaska to Dubai. Our Rhino Decals have been in use in outdoor environments since 1963. All our standard post decals follow a format we have developed to ensure maximum effectiveness. Any of these decals can be customized with your name, phone number and logo for a one time art charge. FADE RESISTANT UV stable inks are used on all Rhino Decals to dramatically reduce fading. All of our standard decals are laminated. This durable top layer extends the life of the decal by blocking UV rays, improving chemical and abrasion resistance. AGGRESSIVE ADHESIVES Our highly aggressive adhesives work in all weather conditions and on virtually any smooth surface. Install decals between 50° and 95° F. TEMPERATURE STABLE Rhino vinyl decals have a service temperature range of -50° to +225° F. Reflective decals have a service temperature range of -30° to +200° F. CHEMICAL RESISTANCE Rhino vinyl and reflective decals resist mild acids, alkalis and salts and occasional fuel spills. Rhino decals also have excellent water resistance. Any of our standard or custom decals are available on reflective stock. We use 3M Scotchlite Flexible Reflective Films to ensure the highest quality. TEN YEAR WARRANTY Decals will remain legible for a minimum of 10 years. See: Quality Standards: Rhino Decal UV Resistance & Adhesion.

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