TriView® Plus™ Test Station

The TriView Test station comes with a  3 1/2″ internal board that can be set up with as many terminals as needed, and a 6″ removable cap that protects the terminals from the elements.

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With the addition of the Flex PLUS rod, the TriView® PLUS™ Test Station (TVPTI) provides extreme durability for circumstances other posts will not survive.

Trouble with cattle knocking your markers down? The TVPTI was manufactured with itchy cows in mind. Cattle or other wildlife can scratch against, knock over, and even lay down on the TVPTI and it will rebound to an upright position.

Worried about tire impacts? Stress no more. Produced with RhinoPoly®, the TVPTI can easily withstand direct tire impacts from  ATVs, snowmobiles, farm equipment, motorcycles, or other off-road vehicles that may be using the R/W. Click here to watch the TriView impact video.

Should an impact occur, the TVPTI poses a diminutive safety concern.  Unlike rigid posts that can damage vehicles and injure their motorists, the flexible TVPTI can withstand the impact, leaving both the equipment and it’s operator harm free. Additionally, the 360 visibility of the TVPTI greatly reduces the liklihood of an impact occuring.

The three flat sides of the TVPTI allow for easy sign attachment and provide a truly flexible sign post. Even in high wind or after repeated impacts, the TriView® PLUS™ Test Station will return the sign to its upright position.

Terminal Board
The 3 1/2″ internal board can be set up with as many terminals as needed. The 6″ removable cap protects the terminals from the elements. Optional locking caps are available.

We can provide the TriView® PLUS™ Test Station with corrosion resistant polyethylene wire to meet your specifications.

The easy access external terminals are located 1″ below the removable cap. You choose how many terminals you need.

Cathodic Protection Test Stations tracer wire access points.

See: Quality Standards: Rhino TriView UV Resistance COMTEC Testing

TriView PLUS US Patent # 9,469,948 B2

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54", 60", 66", 72", 78", 84", 90"

Post Color

Yellow, White, Purple, Brown, Orange, Green, Red, Blue, Black

Cap Color

Black, Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, White

Terminal Count

2, 5

Terminal Models
Standard number of Internal Terminals are 2 or 5 with up to 11 available. Standard number of External Terminals is 2 with additional terminals available. The 1/4″ Brass Terminal includes a bolt, nut, washers and ring terminal. Call for details.

We can provide the TriView test station with corrosion resistant, polyethylene wire to meet your specifications.

TS-SHUNT / Jumper
The optional TS-SHUNT can be used to create continuity between any two adjacent terminals. The all stainless steel shunt will not rust or corrode even if left exposed or installed on outside terminal posts. The unique hole and slot design allows the TS-SHUNT to be easily installed and disconnected for testing
purposes or it can be left in place for a continuity bridge.

 Here’s a look inside the TriView® PLUS™ where you can see the Flex PLUS rod in action.

Easy Installation
The TriView PLUS Test Station can be installed via direct bury, or with a soil anchor.

TriView PLUS™ Installation Video: