TriView® 400™

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Convert faded fiber bloomed low visibility, fiberglass posts into bright three sided markers that can be seen from any direction with the 4-inch wide TriView® 400™.

Product Integrity
The versatile post has ultraviolet light stabilizers that keep the bright color of the post from fading in the sun. The Rhino TriView® 400™ is temperature stable from -40 degrees Fahrenheit to +150 degrees.

Additional Functionalities
The TriView® 400™ system is a highly versatile marking system that can be used in many applications including:

  • Conversion of low visibility, faded markers to a highly visible making system
  • Incorporation of external terminals to create a Cathodic Protection Test Station or Tracer-Ped
  • Protect exposed tracer wires
  • Cover fiberbloomed posts eliminating safety hazards
  • Use as a sign post

See: Quality Standards: Rhino TriView UV Resistance COMTEC Testing

Additional information


48", 54", 60", 66", 72", 78", 84"

Post Color

Yellow, White, Purple, Brown, Orange, Green, Red, Blue, Black

Cap Color

Black, Blue, Green, White, Yellow, Orange, Red

Easy Installation
The TriView 400 was specifically designed to slide over flat fiberglass posts, but it can also be buried (PVC anchor required) or slid over U-channel and round metal posts (up to 2” IPS) as well. The TriView 400 is also available with a TriGrip™ Anchor, which will lock the TriView into the ground in any soil condition. Please specify on orders if interested.

Flat Post Conversion to 360° Visibility
Slide a TriView 400, with factory installed decals featuring your new company logo and the new 811 logo, right over flat fiberglass posts with obsolete logos and/or phone numbers.

TriView 400 Installation Video:

TriView 400 with TriGrip Anchor Installation Video: