Rhino TriView® Pedestal Marker

The highly visible TriView Pedestal Marker has a triangular design that ensures your warning message and pedestal can be seen from any direction. This allows the TriView to continually protect each pedestal with a clear and visible warning  message. The versatile post uses UV stabilizers that protect its color and integrity and prevents fading in the sun. The Rhino TriView is temperature stable from -40° Fahrenheit to + 150° Fahrenheit.

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Product Details


Each marker post comes with two 48″ long, ¼” wide black SMART Bands. The bands have special locking tabs to ensure a secure fit and allow the TriView post to securely attach to and help protect pedestals. You can also adjust the location of the SMART Bands on the TriView. Each TriView has two notches cut at 6″, 12″, 18″ and 24″.


The TriView Pedestal Marker’s primary function is to support a warning message that will prevent pedestals from being impacted. Our standard color fast decals use sharply contrasting colors and incorporate the international No-Dig symbol. This ensures that non-English speaking excavators will get the message.

See: Quality Standards: Rhino TriView UV Resistance COMTEC Testing

TriView US Patents # 7,025,016 B1, # 6,099,203, # D525721

Each SMART Band will come unattached to the TriView. All that you need to do is slide the bands in the TriView notches at your preferred height, secure the bands around the pedestal, and tighten.