Quik Mark™ Solvent- and Water-Based Paint

Krylon Industrial, the leader in innovative solutions, offers you Quik-Mark™ Solvent and Water-Based Inverted Marking Paints. With our advanced UV resistant formulas you can mark your lines during harsh or adverse conditions.

Product Details

Even in extreme sun, Quik-Mark™ advanced UV resistant formulas will not fade to a different color! Accuracy, speed and ease of marking will keep your locators efficient and productive while lowering the overall costs of a ticket. Total marking paint performance eliminates costly remarking, clogged and wasted cans, and allows marking with confidence in any weather conditions. Selecting this high quality marking paint will increase customer satisfaction while lowering overall costs.

For use on: Road construction, concrete, asphalt, pavement, gravel, excavation, ground marking, surveying, construction marking, soil, grass, brick, utilities marking, communication lines, electrical installations and athletic fields.

Product Features:

  • One pass valve for bold, bright, visible markings
  • Glove Grip™ cap – 50% wider opening to easily accommodate work gloves
  • Spray-Thru™ cap – non-clogging spray tip
  • Locking tip won’t fall off with extended use
  • Fast-drying formula penetrates and adheres to hot, cold or wet surfaces
  • VOC and MIR Compliant and free of lead hazards