The Rhino FiberCurve™ concave design allows the post to flatten out completely when hit, then snap back into its normal upright position. The Rhino FiberCurve will even withstand a direct hit from a tire at 55 mph!


Product Details

A new breed of composite marker posts with our optional PolyTech Coating™ which adds years to the life of your marker.

Fade Resistant
The Rhino FiberCurve™ is saturated with bright pigments, and UV stabilizers are added to ensure the color remains bright for years. For an extra layer of protection, we add our clear SunCoat™ over the entire surface of the post.

For even greater fade resistance, order the optional PolyTech Coating™. The PolyTech Coating™ blocks harmful ultraviolet light rays from reaching the resins and reinforcing fibers for at least 10 years. This protects the post from fading and fiberbloom.

Temperature Stable
The Rhino FiberCurve™ is unaffected by temperature extremes. The Rhino FiberCurve™ will remain flexible from – 40°F to +140°F.

PolyTech Coating™ US Patent # 6,158,919


66", 72"


SunCoat, PolyTech


Yellow, PolyTech Blue, PolyTech Red, PolyTech Green