Curb Markers®

Reduce damage to your pipelines/cables by putting a permanent “Call Before You Dig” message on curbs. Each time your locators do a locate, they can glue down a curb marker, leaving a clean looking, professional warning message.


Product Details

Curb markers notify homeowners, contractors , and other excavators that there are cables/pipelines in the area.


Once the adhesive cures it takes a hammer and chisel to remove the curb marker.

Proven Durability

The curb marker has been in use since 1983. An independent lab test showed the marker had very little fading after the equivalent of 30 years of outdoor use. Costly remarking is no longer necessary.

High Visibility

Our bright APWA colors are highly visible making it easy for maintenance crews, locators, or leak detection surveyors to see them. The curb markers are available in both reflective and non-reflective styles and in different sizes and shapes. Call 800-522-4343 for details.

Uniform Appearance

The curb marker replaces unsightly spray paint for permanent marking, improving your company’s public image.

Easy Installation

The standard adhesive requires no mixing. Just apply some to the back of the marker and stick it.


The “DOT SPEC” curb marker meets DOT specs for lettering size and stroke to be used on line markers. This flush mounted marker can be used in areas where above ground markers are difficult to use or in areas where homeowner concerns make installation of above ground markers impractical.


Water, Sewer, Gas, Telecom, Electric, Reclaimed


Water, Hydrant, Valve, Meter, 811, Sewer, Manhole, Test Station, Gas, CATV, Fiber Optic Cable – T.V., Telephone, Splice, Fiber Optic Cable, 811+Telephone, 811+Fiber Optic, Traffic Signal, Power, 811+Electric, 811+High Voltage, Water Service, Water Valve, Water Main

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