Aluminum Signs

  • Baked enamel aluminum signs
  • Protected with our patent pending coating Rhino UV Armor and come with a 10-year warranty (read more below).
  • Brightly colored and UV stable
  • Designed specifically for outdoor usage and have a 10 year warranty
  • Non-toxic and environmentally safe
  • Have scrap value
  • Unlimited shapes – for no additional charge
  • Unlimited colors – for no additional charge

Whatever colors, shapes, or message you want for your signs, we can make it. The possibilities are endless!

Product Details

Protected with

Rhino Aluminum Signs are brightly colored, UV stable, baked enamel aluminum signs. They are designed specifically for outdoor usage and have a 1o-year warranty. The signs are non-toxic and environmentally safe. In addition, these signs have a scrap value.

Unlimited Colors, At No Extra Cost We can print elaborate, multicolor legends and company logos– without charging extra.

Custom Shapes, At No Extra Cost We use the same cutting mechanization as the likes of Bentley and Red Bull Racing, so we can cut custom shapes at lightning speeds.

Temperature Stable Rhino Aluminum remains stable from -100° to +250°F.

Custom Legends Any legend can be printed on our Rhino Aluminum Signs. The signs may be single sided or double sided.

Sign Saver Bracket

Sign Saver Brackets can prevent signs from being deformed during attachment to 1.12 lb. or 2 lb. U-channel posts.

The aluminum bracket is 3”W x 2”H with a 3/8” center hole.

After years of working with engineers and equipment manufacturers to increase sign durability, we were able to develop Rhino UV Armor.

Rhino UV Armor’s patent pending technology is superior UV protection to any clear-coat, and Rhino is the only sign manufacturer with this technology.

With Rhino UV Armor, our digitally printed signs are engineered outdoor use, and come with a 10-year guarantee.

All Rhino-made signs are UV stable, and have superior endurance against breaking, cracking or significant fading due to environmental effects. Rhino UV Armor will guard the legend from bubbling or cracking, allowing the sign to perform its job for a guaranteed minimum of 10 years.