6″ SignalTape

Signaltape provides a visual warning by ensuring tape is brought to the surface, alerting the operator to the presence of a buried utility.


Product Details

Our signaltap:

  • Meets American Public Works Association (APWA) color standards for underground utilities, and meets or exceeds all applicable ASTM standards. (Blue, Green, Orange, Red, yellow)
  • Includes a 3,000-lb. tensile strength aramid fiber membrane, which ensures the tape is pulled to the surface to alert the excavation crew.
  • Includes two sizes: 12″ x 500′ or 6″ x 500′.
  • May be customized (refer to label) using other substrates to accommodate RFID or other locating systems by request.
  • Will perform as intended at a minimum length of 20ft.

Available in two varieties: Professional Grade and XT with Kevlar. Adding an optional copper Litz wire laminated between layers of Signaltape film makes it traceable.

Weight 36 lbs

Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Yellow, Purple


Professional Grade, XT with Kevlar