3-Rail™ Fiberglass Post

The Rhino 3-Rail™ is rigid enough to be installed easily in most soil conditions and has the durability to withstand repeated impacts.


Product Details

Rhino 3-Rail:

  • A lightweight fiber reinforced composite marker.
  • Easiest flat marker post to install
  • Has the durability to withstand repeated impacts when hit from the front or back.
  • UV Stable
  • Customizable:
    • Colors: Yellow, Orange, Blue, Green, White, Purple, Brown
    • Length: 62”, 66”, 72:”
    • PolyTech Coating available

Customers use this for:

  • Marking buried facilities. (Likely because they have not seen the superior TriView yet)

PolyTech Coating™ US Patent # 6,158,919

Anchor Barbs
Anchor Barb kits are available for use in sandy soil or for vandal resistance. The kit includes one metal anchor barb and two rivets. Kits may be ordered installed, uninstalled (with the posts drilled for rivets), or parts only (uninstalled, not drilled). A second metal anchor barb may also be purchased as part of the kit.

Easy Installation
Simply slide the Rhino 3-Rail™ into our FPD-44-A Driver and pound the Rhino 3-Rail into the ground. If the soil conditions are hard or rocky, use our PHD-100-A Pilot Hole Driver.
*Longer and shorter drivers are available.