3-Rail™ Fiberglass Post

The Rhino 3-Rail™ is rigid enough to be installed easily in most soil conditions and has the durability to withstand repeated impacts.


Product Details

Rhino 3-Rail:

  • A lightweight fiber reinforced composite marker.
  • Easiest flat marker post to install
  • Has the durability to withstand repeated impacts when hit from the front or back.
  • UV Stable
  • Customizable:
    • Colors: Yellow, Orange, Blue, Green, White, Purple, Brown
    • Length: 62”, 66”, 72:”
    • PolyTech Coating available

Customers use this for:

  • Marking buried facilities. (Likely because they have not seen the superior TriView yet)

PolyTech Coating™ US Patent # 6,158,919

Weight 52 lbs

62", 66", 72"


SunCoat, PolyTech


Yellow, Orange, Blue, Green, Red, White, Purple, Brown