2-Rail™ Fiberglass Post

The 2-Rail Fiberglass marker is a great option for temporary survey marking.  It also makes a great option for marking pedestals and fire hydrants.  Only available in 72″ length .

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Decals sold separately 

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Product Details


  • Pultruded fiberglass set in a composite resin
  • Reinforcing ribs make it rigid enough to be installed in most soil conditions
  • Temperature stable
  • Fire resistant
  • Posts are flat cut at the bottom, not pointed.


  • Decal may be applied to front
  • Available colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, White, Brown
  •  72”
  • Anchor Barb kits are available for use in sandy soil or for vandal resistance.
    • The kit includes one metal anchor barb and two rivets.
    • Kits may be ordered installed, uninstalled (with the posts drilled for rivets), or parts only (uninstalled, not drilled).
    • A second metal anchor barb may also be purchased as part of the kit.

PolyTech Coating™ US Patent # 6,158,919

Easy Installation
Simply slide the Rhino 2-Rail™ into our FPD-33N-A Driver and pound the Rhino 2-Rail™ into the ground. If the soil conditions are hard or rocky, use our PHD-100-A Pilot Hole Driver.
* Different length drivers are available for short or long posts.

Our patented PolyTech Coating™ blocks damaging UV rays, prevents fiberbloom (bottom picture), and is available on all of our Fiberglass Composite posts and comes with a 10-year warranty.

2,000-hour Weatherometer Testing 

Without PolyTech Coating        With PolyTech Coating


Traditional fiberglass posts get fuzzy over time when the damaging effects of UV light cause the surface resin of the post to evaporate. Without the surface resin, the glass fibers become exposed, making the post a safety hazard.

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