Safety Wrap for protecting pipelines

Protect the Pipeline

Keep the pipeline safe and keep the workers safe.

Keep the Work Site Safe
Keep the Work Site Safe
Protection for small and large pipelines
Developed by pipeline workers in the field
Developed in real-time environments

Protect Small and Large Pipelines

Available in two styles

The importance of protecting pipelines during excavation cannot be understated.
Developed by pipeline contractors, the patented Safety Wrap helps
prevent scarring or puncture of the pipeline during utility work.

Protect the pipelines. Protect the workers. Protect the public.

Protect the pipelines

Protect the pipeline

Highly visible. Effective. Durable.

Protect the workers

Protect the workers

Keep workers safe. Reduce costly cut outs.

Protect the public

Protect the public

Use Safety Wrap for added protection and leave the worksite with peace of mind.


Safety Wrap is easy to install and is reusable.