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Rhino Cable Cover™  

Highly visible markings reduce liabilities. When cables temporarily cross sidewalks, roads and yards, protect them from damage and ensure the safety of pedestrians by using the Rhino Cable Cover.

Available in two sizes, standard and large.

Four brightly-colored CAUTION decals or four reflective strips make it easy for pedestrians to see and step over. Rhino Cable Covers are a perfect solution for downed lines, cut cables, and new construction.

  • Custom lengths available
  • May be anchored with concrete screws
  • Durable canvas bag for easy transportation

Cable Cover™

Cable Cover for utility work

Standard Cable Cover specifications:

  • 5 foot sections
  • 4.5" wide
  • 1.25" high
  • Protect cable up to .750" diameter
  • Weight: 8 lbs.

Rhino Cable Cover prevents pedestrian accidents

Watch the Cable Cover video:

Rhino Cable Cover from Rhino Marking & Protection on Vimeo.

Cable Cover™

Cable Cover for utility work
Patent #US D262,515 S

Large Cable Cover specifications:

  • 5 feet long
  • 10.5" wide
  • 2.75" high
  • Covers cable up to 2.25" in diameter

The larger cable cover can withstand large amounts of heavy vehicle traffic without impacting the cable.  If needed, the cable cover can be anchored to the ground with concrete screws.  The cable cover allows you to run temporary cables across any type of surface, helping to limit the amount of downtime due to cable cuts or weather related damages.  

In addition, the larger cable cover doesn’t move or slide when hit, like molded plastic cable covers do.  The strength of the cable cover allows cables to be protected, worked on and allows the cables to stay in place during repairs.


Driveway Kit special for Rhino Cable Clover
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